templatepodcast18     In this Podcast, Chris talks to Dominic Thomas about Inspiration, Pixar and Inspirational Movies. You can also download this podcast on iTunes :- Common Sense Money Podcast on iTunes or to listen now just press the play button below.

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      Shownotes – episode 18 During this episode of the podcast the following social network’s were mentioned:- Facebook Join us on Facebook Twitter @Commonsnsemoney @ChrisDaems Guest Twitter @solomonsifa You Tube (as discussed in the podcast) can be found at:- Cookie Monster Learns a Lesson from Tom Hiddleston   This time on Common Sense Money we talk to Dominic Thomas on Inspiration, Pixar and using movies to inspire the life we want financially and otherwise. Hi and welcome back to Common Sense money podcast 18. I’m your host Chris Daems and today we interview Dominic Thomas on movies, business ownership and life. But before we talk about what’s on this episode I just want to highlight how you can get in touch…. Firstly you can either connect to me (or to Commonsense money) via the twittersphere, you can check us out on the gold ‘ole book of face or you can send us an email on Chris@principalifas.co.uk. Now instead of giving you a bunch of links you need and you scrambling for a piece of paper all of the ways to get in touch (including anything mentioned on this particular podcast is available on the common sense money website) this includes a transcript of the show. Just go to the common sense money website, click on podcasts at the top and select podcast 18. Dom’s a great chap who I met a couple of years ago and wanted to share his insight. I like Dom’s perspective on life and initially we were going to talk about what we can learn, and be inspired from, in films. However in reality our chat went far broader than only financial and we talked about inspiration underdogs, money and power and why it’s important in getting the balance between time with and away from the kids and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Now some of these subjects might not be what you expect from a podcast about money However I believe if you just live your life with the sole intention to make money and not live life with the right amount of balance you’re probably making a mistake you’ll never be able to correct. Money is part of that balance but in my conversation with Dom we talk about this and how making decisions about the balance are incredibly tough but can be ultimately incredibly rewarding and working towards not letting money be the master and making choices where you take firm control of your own life. I’m also going to share with you why it’s sometimes to put stuff off and why the cookie monster is my new hero! So we know what we’re going to talk about….so let’s begin. And as usual, and in typical common sense money style, we start with the old familiar question….tell me a little bit about you?